Powerball and Change

ddn051813powerballfever0156You won’t win the lottery. Of life.

Disappointed that your Powerball ticket didn’t score you a big $1.6 billion? You probably knew it was more likely you’d be struck by lighting. Twice. But, hey, you bought a ticket anyway.

It’s a small thing. No big deal. Actually, small things are a big deal.

In my last blog I commented that God deals with us more often by spoonfuls than truckloads, and that dramatic new year’s resolutions aren’t as likely to change your life as a billion little decisions, little moments, little blessings, and little changes over the course of time. Or 1.6 billion to be exact.

The Powerball hype gives that truth another perspective. We all tend to put more hope in the unlikely, against-all-odds win of a lifetime than we are willing to put into the much more likely, already proven, and divinely promised “little things” of life.

We think: “A new job will change my life. A new relationship will change my life. A new school. A new FitBit. A new pair of shoes.” Even a new attitude. We think these are the winners. But how often have you actually hit such jackpots only to discover that your dreams about a changed life were disappointed.

Time to wake up. You didn’t win the Powerball jackpot and you’re not going to win the lottery of life.

However, here’s something that can change your life. Start saving and investing when you’re 18 years old and you’ll retire as a multi-millionaire. Commit to a bunch of little healthy eating habits that become routine enough so you don’t have to argue with yourself about immoderate alcohol consumption or saying no to sweets or drinking more water. Pray about little things throughout the day and you’ll be amazed how this frees you from your own emotional prison and connects you to God’s divine work.

The pennies and prayers add up. More than that, they compound. Here’s the challenge. Wise saving contradicts our natural urge to spend. And seeking life change God’s way argues against everything we see on our screens all day every day. Our hearts desire and our eyes see Powerball moments and these keep us from from learning, from growing, from walking more closely with the Spirit, from maturing faith.

“Follow the ways of your heart, and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment … Remember your Creator … Fear God and keep his commandments” (Ecclesiastes 11:9;12:1,11).

You can win at life, because your Creator designed billions of opportunities into his plan and purpose for you. You can win at life, when your billion little moments seek to obey and honor God in faith. You can win at life; because the winning numbers are revealed in the Bible and the instruction guide for getting the most out of your wins are laid out in God’s commandments.

That’s not an against-all-odds lottery. That’s a promise of God’s love. And yours.

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