A Grace Giving Host - Luke 22:7-20

Sermon Date: 02/14/2018
Bible Reference: Luke 22:7-20
Topics: Eternal Life, Lord's Supper, and Passover
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On the night before Jesus died on the cross he celebrated the traditional Jewish Passover with his disciples. But this Passover celebration was special! The next day Jesus, the true Passover lamb, would fulfill the long-standing celebration by sacrificing his own body and shedding his own blood on the cross for all people. Through his sacrifice he would also usher in the New Covenant of God’s grace and forgiveness to replace the Old Covenant. And to top it all off, he instituted a new celebratory meal, the Lord’s Supper, for all believers to celebrate regularly to never forget Jesus’ sacrifice and this incredible night! Ash Wednesday Evening Service. Staff Minister Chad White