Easter Sunrise and Easter Festival Services

Easter Sunrise Service at Pioneer Farms and Easter Festival Service at Holy Word Austin

Sermon Title: If It’s True, It Changes You
Sermon Date:
April 21, 2019, Easter Sunrise
Bible Reference: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Topics:  Suffering, Eternal Life, Jesus’ Death

Jesus' resurrection changes everything. The events are indelible. The evidence is credible. The effects are incredible.

Pastor Dan Laitinen

Sermon Title: Unbelievable News!
Sermon Date:
April 11, 2019, Easter Festival
Bible Reference: Luke 24:1-12
Topics:  Suffering, Eternal Life, Jesus’ Death

The resurrection of Christ is unbelievable news. Only the Holy Spirit can help us believe it. Once we do it, it brings inexpressible joy. Make that joy your home fire to warm you life.

Pastor Don Patterson

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