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Holy Word is one church that operates two locations: northeast Austin and a new start in Pflugerville. Both locations are blessed with many of the same features: our friendly culture, easy access to Bible teaching at all levels, community connection, personable staff, and the unity of our belief and mission. However, each location offers a slightly different style and local fit in the community. Whether you are a first time guest, a seeker, skeptic, or lost soul, or a long time Christian, we invite you to get to know us. Explore this website and—better yet—visit this Sunday at either location. Come as you are!


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    Jesus Loves The Good Life

    October 23, 2016; Text: Luke 18:18-27; Staff Minister Chad White

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    How to Wrestle with God and Win

    Pastor Daron Lindemann
    October 16, 2016
    Genesis 32:22-31

Experiencing Life Together in the Grace and Peace of Jesus

Holy Word is a community of Christians experiencing life together in the grace and peace of Jesus. We all need Jesus and his grace because of our messes and mistakes. We all need Jesus and his peace because life is, well, crazy busy. We all need each other because nobody has it all together perfectly, so we learn from and lean on each other. Visit this Sunday, and Holy Word will be a little better because you’ll be here!

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You won’t win the lottery. Of life. Disappointed that your Powerball ticket didn’t score you a big $1.6 billion? You probably knew it was more likely you’d be struck by lighting. Twice.

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Little things make a big difference. Seeds growing. Learning to use a Mac. Maturing in faith. Understanding another person’s love language. Hearts mending. Fixing up a house.

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